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Henninger Speech Pathology Barrie | Children's ServicesFor our pediatric population, we ensure that all treatment activities include a "significant fun factor". We also ensure that treatment is accompanied by practical home programming in order to maximize treatment success.

At Henninger Speech and Language, our treatment rooms are designed specifically for our clients. When you come to visit, your child will be invited by the friendly staff and fun treatment decor. We know that the first step to helping our younger clientele begins with establishing a comfort level in a playful and inviting environment.


Family is always welcome to attend sessions, whenever they are able. Our skilled staff will creatively deliver treatment techniques in ways that are evidence based and goal directed, but also fun and client-centered.

We assess and treat a number of pediatric speech and language needs including,

  • Barrie Pediactric Speech Pathologiststhe late talker
  • language processing
  • verbal apraxia
  • articulation delays and disorders
  • phonological disorders
  • pediatric fluency disorders
  • pediatric voice and resonance disorders
  • acquired brain injury such as pediatric brain injury and stroke
  • complex speech and language profiles
  • compromised social communication and social cognition
  • Augmentative communication

Unsure whether speech pathology is the direction you need to take? Henninger Speech and Language offers year round complimentary consultations - simply call to arrange a booking. A no-cost consultation with a speech pathologist provides the perfect opportunity to determine whether further intervention is warranted. It also offers your child a chance to interview us! We think our young clients should have a big say as to whom they work with in treatment, and we will work hard to earn their trust in us!

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